3-Way Solenoid Valve Parker VE108BV

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3 Way Solenoid Valve Parker VE108BV - drain ø 1/8" conical - max 10 bar, VITON seal - orifice ø1.5mm, with coil ZH14 14W 220/230V 50/60Hz
fluids temperature -10°C+140°C

Made in Italy

Marzocco B.2.004. Models: FB70, FB80, GB5, GS3, LINEA

Can also be used as a replacement for GAGGIA DM1645/001, DM1152/001, DM1152/003, DM1645/001. OLAB DIS.6126/L. Models: BABY, CLASSIC, DANDY, NEW BABY, Philips Code 996530054806.