Ascor Descaler for Coffee Machines

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Descaling agent and Limescale Remover 12 x 25g Satchels

Made in Italy


ASCOR SCALE CLEAN is a descaling acid with the purpose of removing water mineral deposits (Calcium and Magnesium salts). It is used on boilers, water tubing, steamers, storage tanks, brewers, coffee machines, vending machines. The regular use of SCALE CLEAN prevents machine clogging and guarantees a perfect taste for coffee or tea, free from unwanted odours.

SCALE CLEAN is a white crystalline odourless powder, with no colour; at 0, 1 N solution in water has pH= 2,2.

SCALE CLEAN is NOT CORROSIVE on Aluminium and other light metals and alloys.

SCALE CLEAN is also easy to handle, with no emission of fumes, no toxicity.

Dissolve the contents of 1 bag into 1, 5 l. of water. Switch on the machine and pour the solution into the water tank. Remove the filter holder (if any) and, having positioned a large container for water collection; operate the pump as if you were making coffee, paying attention to the sprinkling of the solution. Have about 2 to 3 cups of solution come out. Repeat this procedure at about 2 minute’s intervals. Should the group be obstructed by limestone, operate the pump with the steam tap (if there is one) opened first, distributing about 2 to 3 cups. When empty, rinse the tank with water; fill it with clean water and operate the pump until empty.

Frequency of use of SCALE CLEAN depends on several factors (number of cups of coffees, water hardness, etc.); Use SCALE CLEAN whenever you see signs of obstruction; normally decalcify once a month, or every about 100 cups of coffee/ tea.

SCALE CLEAN is labelled IRRITANT. Protect eyes/hands during use.

Bags 25 g each; 12 bags box