Boiler Pressure Gauge

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Boiler Pressure Gauge single scale 0÷2.5 bar - fitting ø 1/4"F, frame ø 57 mm - body ø 52 mm
CIME Coffee Machine. Models: CO-01, CO-11

Can also be adapted to suit SAB Italia Espresso Machines fitting ø 1/8"F, frame ø 57 mm - body ø 52 mm (*This will need 1/4"M to 1/8"F Coupling adapter)
Part Number SVALM001, SVNBM005. Models: Alice, Nobel, Sabina.

May be adapted to other Brands and Models such as (Please carefully see specifics before ordering):

ACM Pratika: ACM02NERO (BLACK Background)

Rocket Espresso A299904632, Models: CRONOMETRO V, MOZZAFIATO EVOLUZIONE V, single scale 0÷3 bar - fitting ø 1/4"M ø frame 57 mm - ø body 52 mm

Rocket Espresso A299905009 *Compatible (BLACK Background). Models: CHRONOMETER R, GIOTTO EVOLUTION 2 2017, GIOTTO EVOLUTION V2 2013, BREATHTAKING EVOLUTION R, single scale 0÷3 bar - connection ø 1/4 "M, frame ø 57 mm - body ø 52 mm