Jura Thermoblock Coffee 1200W 230V 64893

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Jura Thermoblock - Boiler 1200W 230V

If your Jura coffee machine leaks, does not heat up or has a short circuit, the thermoblock, in some cases, is defective.

Fits the following models:

  • IMPRESSA X5 alu
  • IMPRESSA Z5 alu
  • IMPRESSA Z5 chrome
  • IMPRESSA Z5 gene. II alu
  • IMPRESSA Z5 gene. II chrome
  • IMPRESSA Z5 gene. II white
  • IMPRESSA Z5 Special Edition
  • IMPRESSA Z7 10 Year Edition
  • IMPRESSA Z7 alu
  • IMPRESSA Z7 chrome
  • IMPRESSA Z7 Voice alu
  • IMPRESSA Z9 alu
  • IMPRESSA Z9 chrome
  • IMPRESSA Z9 pianoblack