Saeco Cristallo 400 Vending Coffee Machine

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Saeco Cristallo 400 Vending Coffee Machine

The Cristallo 400 is an automatic vending machine for premium coffee beverages. The unit’s efficient brewing technology is capable of preparing 12 distinct beverage types. Both freshly ground coffee beans and instant products may be used. For maximum convenience, the machine also dispenses necessary accessories such as stirrers, sugar, and cups.

With an A Energy rating, the Saeco Cristallo 400 is not only convenient for the workplace, but gentle on the environment outdoors. In addition, the machine is extremely easy to use, featuring customizable settings. Four preselection keys allow users to select their beverage with or without sugar and with or without caffeine. A no-cup option makes it possible to dispense a coffee beverage directly into a cup of one’s own. The entire unit is designed to make cleaning and maintenance easy and straightforward.

The easy-to-read user interface features a two-line, twenty-character alphanumeric display. In addition, keyboard graphics make the interface not only easy to read but easy on the eyes. A standard CPU is used on all machines in the Saeco line, making any necessary repair work easy. For payment, all the most commonly used parallel and serial MDB and BDV Executive payment systems may be used.

Product Features

  • Independent water tank.
  • Boiler brass.
  • 6 canisters; coffee and sugar canisters included.
  • 12 selections.
  • 4 preselections.

Technical Specifications

  • 500 70-mm cups.
  • 400 stirrers.
  • 1 coffee bean container.
  • 4 instant product containers.
  • 1 grinder.
  • 3 disc mixers.
  • 230 V / 50 HZ.
  • 1250 W.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 577 mm x 1600 mm x 577 mm.
  • Weight: 97 kg.
  • 3/4 inch water connection.
  • Brewing unit 7/9 g.