Terso Clean Espresso Cleaning Tablets 60 x 2.5g


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Espresso Clean jar with 60 tablets x 2.5 g for Brew Group cleaning
Made in Italy
TersoClean is a special detergent for the professional cleaning of coffee groups of traditional and automatic machine dispensers, filters, filter holders, etc.
These tablets are odourless and easy to dissolve which, thanks to a strong degreasing and emulsifying action, easily acts in vegetable oils and fatty acids. It's ability to develop active oxygen, it is able to perfectly clean the parts components of the coffee machine group. The ESPRESSO CLEAN is perfectly rinsable without leaving a trace on the treated parts. Among the chemical and physical data: pH (1% solution) = 11.3; apparent density: 0.96.
For filter cleaning, etc: Dissolve 1 tablet of COFFEE CLEAN per litre of hot water. Immerse the parts to be treated for 30 minutes or more; then rinse thoroughly. To clean the unit: dose 1 tablet of COFFEE CLEAN into the blind filter ed operate as normal coffee dispensing. Open and close the delivery at intervals of about 5-10 seconds, repeat the operation for 4-5 times then rinse thoroughly. For superautomatic coffee machines please read machine's manufacturer's instructions.
The product may be IRRITANT; handle with care; for more information consult the safety data sheet.