BFC Aviator 2gr and 3gr Black or Chromed Pushbutton Shot Timer

$11,764.50 $14,666.30

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Aviator  2 – 3  groups.

Models:  • electronic with programmable keypad

Patented Steam Lever Taps

Copper boiler in  14 – 21 litre capacities with thermostatic circuit.

Traditional E61 temperature compensated group (4.4kg).

Standard features:
• New steam nozzles with anti-burn system to facilitate use.
• Competition shower with micropores coated with the application of nanotechnology, a high quality NanoQuartz coating that improves the non-stick properties of this shower and allows even more homogeneous water distribution.
• Alphanumeric display that allows setting and monitoring of the dispensing time of each coffee and ensuring an excellent result.
• Side courtesy lights and sub-group lights that allow uniform work space lighting.
• Insulated thermosiphon circuit copper boilers to reduce energy consumption and to improve thermal stability with respect to traditional coffee machines. In addition, thanks to the ECO mode an additional energy saving is guaranteed of 1.3 kW in the 2 groups and 2.6 kW in the 3 groups model. (ECO mode available only for electronic model).
• Raised gratings for maximum versatility in all preparations.
• Heat-balancing units. • Thermoregulated electronic cup-warmer.