BFC Rise 2 Group - Multiboiler

$12,699.00 $14,850.00

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Elegant Design - OLED Displays and Patented Steam Taps - Multifunctional External Controller/Display - Cool touch steam wands - Barista Lights

Copper boiler in 11 litre capacities + TCI 2 × 0.8 litre with thermostatic circuit.

T.C.I. – Independent temperature control: Thanks to the new T.C.I. technology, each single group’s delivery temperature can be easily managed with maximum precision. An innovative water preheating circuit guarantees excellent thermal stability even in intense working conditions. Insulated boilers to save energy.

Traditional temperature compensated group (4,4 kg).

Excellent and immediate performance through our T.C.I. technology that guarantees the final temperature on each individual cup.