Brita Purity C150 Water Filter Cartridge

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Flow system

The cartridge flow system specially developed by BRITA guarantees constant reduction of carbonate hardness over the entire lifecycle of the filter. Untreated water is distributed perfectly and extensively. This means that the filter medium is used evenly and to its full extent.

IntelliBypass technology

The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates. The flexible by-pass setting of up to 70% enables the filter system to be used for water with lower carbonate hardness as well.

PURITY technology means:
•   Optimal water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality?free from substances that can impair taste and odour
•   Highest level of product safety
For problem-free operation and safe handling
•   Simple handling
Operation quicker and easier than ever before
Your advantages with PURITY C Quell ST
Cross-section of Heater
  • Targeted prevention of scale deposits and associated machine failure
  • Service and repair costs are noticeably reduced
Inserting and locking the cartridge
  • A filter head concept for all cartridge sizes
  • Various designs of the heads for targeted adaptation to special requirements
  • Extremely simple handling with rapid-change system
  • Innovative locking handle for reliable locking
  • Removal of unwanted tastes and odours from the filtrate (including the by-pass water)
  • Water inlet and outlet on one filter head side for space-saving installation
Your coffee customers enjoy
Two coffee cups under coffee machine outlet
  • Full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Strong, stable crema
  • Appetising drinks as the milk and cream do not separate
Your vending customers enjoy
Man at vending machine taking a cup of coffee
  • Full flavour
  • Best aroma
  • Coffee and specialities with great crema
  • Appetising soups without lumps
  • Tea with a perfect colour, without an ugly surface film or deposits on the rim of the cup
  • The finest specialities of today
Your cusotmers enjoy
Fish served on red gel?e
  • Naturally fresh, aromatic dishes
  • Appetising, scrumptious appearance
  • Delicious, crispy, shiny baked goods
  • Full development of flavour