MACAP CPS Professional Tamper Press

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The MACAP Dynamometric Tamper Press was expertly crafted by the team at MACAP to help streamline the espresso production process for users. This tamper is a CPS (Constant Pressure System) product, and was designed to consistently deliver the pressure needed for a firmly packed portafilter which helps to produce rich and flavourful espresso extractions.

This tamper ensures consistent tamp pressure, making it the ideal option for commercial users who are looking for consistency with their output among workers. Home baristas who are dedicated to quality with their beverage creations will also love the MACAP CPS, with its industrial style and simple design. Espresso aficionados of all types can easily eliminate any extra variables in their espresso beverage creation process with this easy-to-use tamper device.

The MACAP CPS was designed to be durable, with its black durable plexi material and stainless steel. The high quality stainless steel used in this device is resistant to staining and rusting and can be easily wiped over to clean. Included with this tamper appliance are two different tamper diameter plates: 52 mm and a 54 mm. Both of these accessories are also covered in durable stainless steel and are designed to withstand consistent use.
With its sleek finishes and simple design, this piece is a welcome addition to any home, small office, or small restaurant. At just 40cm high with the included lever, this piece is designed to fit to scale with most kitchens and is the appropriate size to fit underneath kitchen cabinets.


- Lever Action Design: This espresso accessory features a vertical lever on the top of the device that can be used during the process of packing ground espresso coffee. Pulling down on the lever causes a uniformed and level pressure application. This ensures consistency across the tamp pressure in an effort to simplify the espresso creation process. The lever is coated in stainless steel and features a comfort grip handle for easy pulling.

- Adjustable Tamping Pressure: The tamp pressure on this machine can be easily adjusted with the side knob on the device. Once a specific tamp pressure has been set, it is locked in for consistent output use after use.

- Durable Portafilter Holding Feature: On the front of the Tamper Press there is a stainless steel holder that will help keep the portafilter in place during the tamping process. This thick, steel-covered mechanism helps to ensure quick and easy use while tamping.

For the serious home espresso aficionado and dedicated professional barista who want quality control with their tamping, there is no more reliable option than the MACAP Dynamometric Tamper. This manual tamping device ensures quality and consistency across all users for the best espresso beverage results.


- Dimensions: 165 (W) x 210 (D) x 405mm (H)
- Net Weight: 4.5kg
- Constant Dynamic Pressure: 25kg (range 10 - 55lb)
- Tamper Base Size: 52mm/54mm (58mm Joe Frex base also included)
- Tamper Base Type: Flat