Rancilio Silvia M V6


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W 235mm x D 290mm x H 340mm
Weight: 14kg
Boiler Capacity: 0.3 litre
Electrical requirements: 240V, 1P+N+E, 50/60Hz, 0.11kW, 10A cordset fitted
User-friendly switch button icon set
Colours: Stainless or Black

What are the specific changes in the new Silvia model (V6)?

  1. The frame has been upgraded from painted iron frame to a black stainless steel frame
  2. The tamper has gone from plastic to a professional metal tamper with black wood handle
  3. The chromed brass steam wand has been upgraded to stainless steel
  4. The chromed plastic group surround now comes as a black plastic group surround that can't peel
  5. The filter baskets has been replaced with 8 gram and 16 gram 'Made in Italy' IMS baskets