SD Grinding Home Grinder with 64mm Burrs (Black)


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Grinder with 64mm burrs and adapted to the SD method.
These grinders are household grinders with a characteristic, sloping shape slightly reminiscent of the well-known Niche Zero grinders. But for a change, are equipped with 64 mm flat burrs produced by the Italian company ITALMILL. Optionally, they can be titanium burrs. The design of the grinder ensures minimum retention and the optional accordion-shaped hopper allows the coffee residues to be blown out of the grinding chamber. These grinders are equipped with a single-phase, asynchronous motor with a power of 250W, rotational speed of 1400 rpm. The noise does not exceed 40dB. The grinders are equipped with a portafilter holder ensuring a stable hold of the portafilters with a diameter of 58 mm and 57 mm filter baskets. The grinders do not have dose programming. They have a classic steel On / Off switch. The simplicity of the construction is to ensure a long life of the grinder with high-quality grinding at the same time.
- power: 250W
- voltage: 230-240V / 50Hz
- burrs: flat 64 mm, optionally titanium
- hopper capacity: 40 g
- dimensions: width 230 x depth 225 x height 300 mm
- noise: 40 dB