WEGA MiniNova EMA 2 Group

$5,895.00 $6,497.04

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– Two visible units with standard height of 82 mm (distance from the dispensing spout to the cup-support grid).
– A steam nozzle and a hot water dispensing nozzle, both manual and fitted with retro-style knobs.
– Self-levelling boiler and standard tank.
– 3 vibration pumps: one on each unit and the third dedicated exclusively to management of the boiler level.
– Inner tank, 4lt.
– Direct connection to the water mains for water supply.
– Inlet water pressure regulator.
– 7-l boiler with two exchangers.
– Decalcification system.
– Upper cup-support grid with plexiglass.
– To enhance the purism that distinguishes the style of this machine, new wooden finishes were created for: water knob, steam knob, filter carrier and levers.