XLVI SteamHammer Electronic Espresso Machine


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Iconic Design, Italian Quality and top-level performance, the XLVI is precise, easy to use and always reliable. Built with sleek Stainless Steel body XLVI has tailored this stunning coffee machine for all baristas.

Key Features:

  • P.I.D. heating system
  • LCD Display
  • Automatic on/off
  • Energy savings
  • Shot Timers
  • Automatic wash
  • Maintenance alarms
  • Under-level steam wand: long wand for perfect modular use.
  • Hammer: lever designed ergonomically for progressive steam release.
  • Smooth flow: for a regular flow that delivers an even velvety espresso.
  • Steam box: customised steam flow and pressure for a moist, compact “crema”.
  • “Easy use” keypad: “Easy use” keypad, designed for to be intuitive and comfy to touch.
  • Mug bowl: reversible rack to manage several cups.

Steam Pressure gauge Pump Pressure gauge LED Lights.Cool Touch steam and hot water wands Volumetric Touchpads with 7 x programmable buttons

Technical Characteristics:

 Group(s) W x D x H (cm) Weight Power Watt
1 49 x 57 x 60 45kg 15A 2.9Kw
2 73 x 57 x 60 68kg 20A 4Kw
3 93 x 57 x 60 80kg 25A 5Kw